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How to prevent Injuries in surfing

Increase training gradually, particularly after a period of illness. Focus on rest and recovery. Prioritize injury prevention exercises. Warmups should be a part of any training routine or prep for a competition.

- Thank you to Surfing Medicine International for the development of performance-enhancing and injury-preventing exercises for surfers, as well as their continuous efforts to update knowledge about surfing and injury prevention worldwide.

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Surfing is a sport with many repetitive motions. Almost one third of surfers are suffering from an injury on a yearly basis, and most injuries are due to paddling. Surfers spend approximately half of the time paddling during a surf session. Imbalanced training and overuse injuries might be the result and possible contributes to the fact that many suffers from injuries of the neck, lumbar spine and shoulder. Injuries can also happend during other aspects of surfing, for example an acute injury due to a fall.