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How to prevent injuries in disc sport

The exercise program below is tailored specifically for athletes in flying disc games. The main goal of the exercises is to strengthen the areas of the body which are most prone to injury. Therefore, several of the exercises aim to challenge the muscles in the shoulders and arms. High tempo and a possibility of contact between players characterize ultimate frisbee. The exercise program designed for this sport is therefore centered around strengthening the stabilizer muscles in the ankles, knees, hip and core to make the body ready to dash, as well as frequent changes in directions and landing on hard surfaces. There are also some exercises to strengthen the inside and back of the thighs to prevent muscle strains. You will find the exercise program by clicking the orange button below.

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“Flying disc games” is a collective term used about games played with discs. These games may be played both competitive and recreational. The different flying disc games provide various challenges and the risk of injury to the player is therefore dependent on the context of the game. This program will provide an overview of common injuries in flying disc games and exercises to prevent injuries.