Extreme control

How to prevent injuries in rhythmic gymnastics

To be a good gymnast, you need technique, flexibility, control and stability. Gymnasts are among the athletes who spend the most hours training, and many start very young. Because of this, during the first years, load management is especially important. The following exercises are designed to prevent those injuries that are typical to rhythmic gymnastics. The tailor-made exercises aim to improve flexibility in the most important areas, such as the hips and shoulders, and improve stability so the body can tolerate the load of the sport.

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Rhythmic gymnastics is an aesthetic sport with elements from dance and ballet, with large demands on flexibility and strength. Mastering the sport takes many hours of repetitive training over many years, and many athletes start very young. This means there is a risk of suffering from injuries at an early age, especially overuse injuries. You can read more about the most common injuries here.